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Spread the wordTell your friends, your students, staff members about the Eat Better 4 Less lessons. We are here to serve everyone!

Generate Content Dear college students, faculty and staff – we are calling on you to produce short video classes on topics such as cooking, meal planning, grocery shopping, couponing, budgeting, mental wellbeing – anything that contributes to the wellbeing of our bodies minds and wallets as college students. If you would like to share what is working for you or your students, please content Cynthia Wilson, .

Bring Eat Better 4 Less to Your Campus – Although anyone can utilize the resources on, if you want to activate your campus, there are many additional ways to engage your students, partners, and community members to bring the movement to life. Carmen Shurtleff, a social work instructor at Northeast Texas Community College (NTCC) built and pioneered the Eat Better 4 Less program on her campus in 2020. She experimented with different outreach and activation events to reach students and community members. With the help of her social work students, interns and community partners, Carmen ran dozens of events and demonstrations to expose students to skills or tools that could help them address their needs. Carmen has built a CARE Center on campus, for which Eat Better 4 Less is just one component of a holistic approach to student wellness. She is currently working with the League for Innovation at the Community College to share lessons learned and expand this program to other colleges. Contact Cynthia Wilson at  to learn more and get involved.

Participating Colleges

Northeast Texas Community College


A place for students to connect with campus and community resources.   

Our mission is to help alleviate basic need insecurities within the college community by providing students with basic need resources through access to education, healthy food, advocacy and empowerment.

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